A green university

Niccolò Cusano University has set up the web project ateneoverde.it, which contains the university’s sustainability programme. Its aim is to encourage environment-friendly behaviour among staff and students through assignments and courses of action that endorse the idea that environmental awareness is part of everyone’s lifestyle.

OUR COMMITMENT – The University has always been swift to encourage environment-friendly attitudes, by making its students and staff aware of the issue by the use of ‘good practice’: green and environment-friendly projects and study assignments that aim to reduce our environmental footprint – the impact that our human activities have on the balance of the earth’s ecosystem.

OUR MISSION – the University’s objectives are to educate ‘tomorrow’s professionals’ into becoming citizens who are fully aware of, and respectful of, the world around them and its limited resources. We aim to teach not only abstract notions but to educate our students into environment-friendly behaviour by focusing on our impact on the ecosystem and how to protect it.

OUR INNOVATIONS – Niccolò Cusano University is a kind of laboratory where practical measures are taken on a daily basis towards the sustainability of our planet’s environment. In conjunction with our Department of Engineering, we have reserved part of the funds destined for research to create environment-friendly schemes in the field of transport and the measurement of CO² emissions.

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