A letter from the Rector

Niccolò Cusano University has always been swift to adopt and encourage environment-friendly attitudes, by making its staff aware of what they can do to protect the environment, while carrying out their various tasks on campus.

A modern university has to keep up with the times and cannot afford to neglect the vital issue of environmental sustainability, which has become a major factor in the future development of our society. It involves decisions and actions to be taken in our daily lives; one need only think of how we use paper, or recycle our rubbish; here at Niccolò Cusano, the topic also forms part of our academic syllabus – in the prospectuses of both the Law and Economics Faculties  there are courses on offer in environmental law.

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There is an increasing demand for trained professionals in the energy and environment sectors, especially here in Italy, a country rich in natural sources of sustainable energy. One of our aims is to satisfy this demand by training young professionals in the necessary skills and motivating them towards a proper awareness of natural resources and environmental issues. We regard our University as a kind of laboratory where practical measures are taken towards the sustainability of our environment, and which involves our students, teachers and all our university personnel. (This is a major part of  our ‘green philosophy’,  articulated through teaching, research, surveys and ecologically-based projects).

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As a University, our fondest wish is that after completing their studies, our students carry away with them ways of thinking and acting that they can apply in their working and social lives, in order to make the world a better place, or at least, preserve as much as possible of the world we now have.

Your Rector
Prof. Fabio Fortuna

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