Separate waste collection

  • Always separate your domestic refuse into the proper bins provided.
  • Try to buy products whose packaging is easily recyclable.
  • Divide the packaging by type and dispose of it in separate collection bins.
  • If possible, re-use certain wrappings and containers.

Separate Waste Collection

For some time now, many towns in Italy have no longer the capacity to dispose of the huge masses of refuse that arrives daily at their dumping grounds, and so a new emphasis is being placed on recycling as a way of giving a new lease of life to discarded materials. Currently, separate waste collection is governed by national and local regulations, and many communities have already introduced such collection to make waste disposal more functional and organised.

Separating your refuse is not difficult, but you need to know how and to recognise which materials are recyclable.

You should be aware that objects made of plastic are industrially produced in various forms which have certain features in common, such as lightness, economy and versatility. Plastic is one of the materials most widely used due to its resistance to wear and tear, in fact it can only be destroyed by burning.

Recyclable plastic.
Unfortunately at the moment there is no practical way of recycling all the different types of plastic, but only those which have been given the initials PET, PE, PVC and PS.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) can be recycled to make tubing, drainpipes, connectors and many other items used in the building trade. Recycling PVC is a particularly delicate operation, as burning it can produce carcinogens dangerous to health.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) used in the manufacture of plastic bottles for water or fizzy drinks, can be recycled to make containers, packaging, trays for pre-cooked food, etc…

PS (polystyrene) can be used to make flatware and Styrofoam packaging.

Non-recyclable plastic.
You should understand that not all forms of plastic can be recycled, including dangerous substances such as paints and glues, which should not be put into the plastic recycling bin, or disposable cups and tableware, hospital or building site refuse, coat hangers, plastic toys, etc… These items should never be abandoned just anywhere but put in the bins for unrecyclable wastes.

Before putting something in the plastics bin, make sure that:

  • It is perfectly clean;
  • It has been made as small as possible;
  • It does not include non-plastic parts.




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