• Cut down on the use of private cars and scooters by using public transport as much as possible.
  • Share your car with more people who are going your way or have the same destination.
  • If your journey is short, go on foot or use low-impact public transport, such as electric buses or trams.
  • Take the train rather than the plane.

Services provided in Italian cities.

Car Sharing.

Car sharing is a project that is gaining ground in many Italian cities, where one vehicle is used by several different people at different times of the day. This idea is not only self-evidently ecological, but helps reduce the number of cars in circulation and traffic congestion, especially at rush hours. This new way of getting about also means more parking spaces and encourages residents to use their cars in a more rational manner, when they are needed for longer journeys. The vehicles provided by the city authorities are frequently serviced and checked for safety; they are also supplied with up-to-date technology to make them more environment-friendly. The project is endorsed and supported by the Ministry for the Environment.
The service is available in many Italian cities, some of which are listed below.


Bike Sharing.

Using an electric bicycle reduces traffic, has a low impact on the environment, and, let’s face it, keeps you fit. Over the last few years, in some Italian cities bike sharing has been developed to make it easier for people to get about. A network of bike stands have been set up in many towns where one can rent a bicycle for a period of time. This has proved especially successful in Milan, and could lead to a reduced need to buy or use cars, which would mean a saving for the families concerned as well as a reduction in harmful gas emissions. Travelling by bike is also a good way of avoiding traffic jams and getting to your destination quicker. How the system works varies from city to city, so for more information, the best idea is to visit the website of the city in question. Currently there bike sharing initiatives in several cities, including.

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