Look after a plant

Since here at Niccolò Cusano University we are always interested in environmental issues, we have launched a campaign on campus to make our students and staff more aware of how to behave in an environmentally-friendly way. A part of this is our organic market-garden located on the campus premises, where vegetables and fruit are cultivated biologically for the benefit of university personnel and students; in fact, our canteen is supplied with fresh products in season, directly from our organic garden. To heighten our students’ respect for nature, the university invites them to take part in the ‘adopt a plant’ project, which involves renting a small plot in our market-garden. Participants can enter the garden at times allotted them, and with the help of an expert learn all the techniques and secrets needed to look after the plants in their plot. We feel this is a unique way to let our students come into direct contact with nature and to learn from it, and to sensitise them to important environmental and dietary questions.

Book your visit to the market garden by filling in the form.

Students who have booked will be allowed access to the garden on the days and at the times on the timetable, by asking at reception, where one of our experts will accompany them to the garden.

TIMETABLE: wednesdays and fridays 9.30 to 11.30.

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