The green code Unicusano

  1. Environment-friendly transportation: home, office, university
    • Use public transport along with the shuttle-bus service provided by Unicusano.
    • Park your cars in the parking areas provided by the university rather than invading the green space intended for the welfare of  students and staff.
  2. Environment-friendly energy saving
    • In your office or study, favour natural lighting; apart from its beneficial effects health-wise, it also involves a reduction in the use of electricity.
    • Always check that lights are switched off before leaving the work place, both at home and in the office
    • When possible, keep photocopiers on standby when not in use.
    • Always switch off your computer before leaving the work place.
    • Don’t leave cell-phones or adaptors on charge for longer than is necessary.
    • Use air-conditioning equipment only when absolutely necessary, and make sure it is correctly regulated, switching it off before leaving a room.
    • Use search engines that are more ecologically sustainable such as, for example, Google Dark Side.
  3. Environment-friendly saving of paper
    • Printing front-and-back is the greenest and friendliest way to use your printer; use both sides of the sheet in printing and photocopying, and avoid the use of colour printing unless necessary.
    • Always use the ‘print preview’ option to check before printing.
    • Paper recycling is important. Use the several paper bins provided on campus, first making sure to remove metal clips and adhesive tape.
    • Use e-mail and other digital back-up systems to send and read documents, thus avoiding the need to print unnecessarily.
    • Make sure your printer is positioned correctly so that its ventilation is not blowing air in a person’s direction.
  4. Environment-friendly use of our most precious resource: water
    • Don’t let water run longer than is necessary.
    • Make sure taps are securely turned off after use.
    • Report immediately any defects in water taps, pipes, drainage, etc.
    • Make use of the mineral water dispensers in the canteen rather than plastic bottles; in this way you reduce plastic waste and make your lifestyle greener.
  5. Healthy eating
    • Choose to eat the biological products grown in our ecological vegetable garden at zero kilometres from Niccolò Cusano Campus
  6. Environment-friendly separate waste collection
    • Recycling waste products is a green and environment-friendly behaviour of prime importance; make use of the separate rubbish collection provided in the university canteen.
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